My First Gratitude Journal 
Joy Journal
For kids ages 3+
The Joy Journal is a unique mindful parenting resource to help busy families pause at the end of their day to share a few moments of true connection.
The visual prompts on each page encourage kids age three years and older to reflect and illustrate who they love, what they are grateful for, the best part of their day, and more.

No reading or writing necessary! 
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Start a new routine focused on connection and gratitude: 
Giving parents and kids the gift of calm, meaningful connection.
Josh, Mindful Dad 
"My kids love drawing in their Joy Journal every night and I enjoy seeing all the good things they remember from their day."
Lea, Mindful Mom
"I wonder what seeds of change and growth and healing and expansion for the world are being planted!?"
Here's what grateful parents have to say: 
  • Add sweetness to your child’s bedtime routine 
  • An activity both kids and parents can enjoy
  • Build your child’s emotional intelligence 
  • Improve happiness with gratitude
  • Opportunity to reflect and create memories together
  • Create meaningful, authentic connection 
  • Start a routine today that will become a supportive mental health habit into the future

Give your child a meaningful gift they can use every day. 
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Get your free Joy Journal printable!  
Connect with your child and celebrate gratitude today:
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Kristine Petterson
is a certified teacher,  yoga instructor, 
mom of two, and founder of 
The Mindful Parenting Revolution
Joy Journal was created by 
Kristine Petterson
and her brother 
Andrew Petterson is the illustrator.